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The BAU gets involved when a D.C. girl, Kelly, is taken captive for three days and killed. When her body is found dumped in an alley,her lips have been cut off.

Another girl, Penny, is abducted from Union Station, UnSub Rhett's pattern begins again.

His actions are connected to the recent death of his mother: he's even kept her body propped up in a wheelchair in their home.

His mother was an actress, though she only had one significant role in a film from the 1950's. It was shot on location in the Georgetown locales he's now using in his abductions and murders. She was obsessed with the glamour and stardom of that era.

The team – with Garcia playing a key role – must put together the pieces all while the UnSub tortures his new victim for three days.

Using surveillance footage from Union Station and Garcia's research, the team has narrowed down the location to a specific neighborhood.

They decide to use the UnSub's obsession with media and fame to lure him out.

The BAU and police host a press conference which they know Rhett will watch, they stage a phony interruption, saying they have the address of the killer.

The cops take him down as he tries to flee.

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this is the best tv show.i like all the crew.they are awesome