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In a gated New Mexico community, an UnSub has been killing women in their homes at night. Security camera footage reveals that no one entered or left the community around the time of the killings.

Hotch stops by a Quanitco training area to meet with recruit Ashley Seager.

A young agent whose father was a famous serial killer, Hotch hopes to gain her insight onto how to profile the families of UnSubs. When Seager refuses to help unless Hotch temporarily makes her part of the team, he does.

The BAU organizes a town meeting for the community, figuring the list of people who don't show up is a good place to start.

A few members of the neighborhood watch decide to patrol the empty streets with loaded guns instead of attending.

When a fourth woman winds up dead during the meeting, it becomes clear that the killer is one of the 25 no-shows.

Seager decides to speak with the family of the third victim.

When she mentions that the killer's family will be very sorry for what the UnSub did, the victim's huband Ben becomes enraged.

As it dawns on Seager that Ben is the killer, she manages to use stories of her own childhood to talk him into turning himself in.

She explains that it is the only way to finally make the pain go away, and to keep his relationship with his family.

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While I have nothing against Rachel Nichols, I really don't buy her character and her introduction to the show. Someone is murdering women within a gated community, meaning that the unsub is someone within the community. So, of course, the only thing for our seasoned, veteran, highly trained profilers to do is to turn to Agent Ashley Seaver, a model FBI cadet. Seriously? The mere idea of bringing a cadet onto the team for her 'unique insight' into the mind of a serial killer just because her father happened to be one is appalling. It's like saying that if my dad is a doctor, then I'm fit to give medical advise to someone. They're relying on her word to put someone behind bars. Her father's rampage happened before she was a teenager - which means she was a child. Why are we consulting her again? Honestly, if our dear beloved BAU can't get the job done when faced with a killer in a gated community(Helloooo, they've faced FAR worse than that. This one is actually easier than a lot of them!), then it's time they find themselves another job. And on another note, what was up with the no profiling, no digging into victimology, methodology, or the motivations behind these crimes? We never even heard about why this guy does it, or how he picks his victims. I miss my show. These new writers don't seem to know what they're doing half the time.


As someone who knows Rachel Nichols personally, I can assure you she is not a bimbo. Among those who know her well her nickname is "The Brain."


What did they think they were doing?!? The script was really laid on too thick, layer after layer of "oh-have-pity-on-the-poor-bimbo" ick! Tell you what, you keep having Rachel Nichols on Criminal Minds, we are switching to NCIS. At least, the writers of that show have not turned into sadistic sociopaths and demented psychopaths who take delight in torturing their audience! And guess what, CBS will still have the winning numbers. But it won't be because of Criminal Minds!