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CSI Season 12


The CSI team investigates when three bodies are found near a campaign dinner on the show's 12th season finale.

"Dune and Gloom"

The CSI team investigates when a racer is killed by a bomb.

"Altered Stakes"

A conviction may get overturned if Nick and the team can't find new evidence as time runs out.

"Split Decision"

A man gets killed inside a casino on this episode of CSI. At point-blank range.

"Malice in Wonderland"

A murder and a robbery both take place at a wedding on CSI this week, while Hodges tries to pull one over on his mother.

"Trends with Benefits"

The team tackles a new intriguing case on the CSI episode "Trends with Benefits."

"CSI Unplugged"

A blackout cripples the city and causes major problems for the CSIs this week. They must go old school!

"Stealing Home"

When a house is stolen completely off its foundation, the CSIs are on the case in search of answers.

"Seeing Red"

Jesse McCartney guest stars on this episode of CSI. He plays the character of Wes Clyborn.

"Tressed to Kill"

The CSI investigation takes Nick into a wig shop on this episode of the CBS drama.

"Willows in the Wind"

So long, Cathrine. This episode marks the final one for the long-time, iconic character.

"Ms Willows Regrets"

This is the first of Catherine's final two episodes. It features Annabeth Gish as a guest star.

"Genetic Disorder"

The home of Dr. Robbins becomes a crime scene on this edition of CSI. It's the final installment of 2011.


A retired Army Ranger is found dead this week. As a result, the FBI is brought in for the case.

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