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Eight people are brutally murdered at a local diner.

A stalker is high on the list of suspects, but a man in witness protection makes that seem less likely.

Two shooters are identified.

DB's wife stays away with their daughter for a while.

The owner of the diner, known well to CSI staffers, was responsible for the crime.


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The same guy who locked his son in the car because he and his wife thought this second son also had Tay Sachs disease. Turned out the baby was reacting to the pesticides his mother used in the garden.


who played Vincent the diner owner in this episode?

CSI Season 13 Episode 2 Quotes

Woah! If you step on my finger, I'll kill you. Ten inches in front of your left foot. Can you mark it?


That kind of passion can turn bad, believe me, I've seen it happen.