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Elena confronts the Ewings with JR's letter. She wants restitution in the form of money, a piece of Ewing land, and Cliff Barnes release from prison. Bobby agrees. 

Elena asks for the land that Digger swore Jock stole from him that started the Ewing / Barnes feud. She gives it to Pamela along with Cliff's pardon. It's up to Pamela to choose to use it. 

John Ross finds out that Nicholas sent Pamela the video. He storms over and tells Nicolas that Elena slept with him to get the letter. Nicholas and Elena decide to leave Dallas.

Christopher figures out that Nicholas' real name is Joaquim and pushes Bobby to find more answers. 

Sue Ellen finds out that Baum actually killed JR. Harris knows Emma has contacted the cartel. He comes clean with her about his involvement with the CIA. 

Sue Ellen and Anne are both furious with Bobby for his lies and manipulations to protect the family.

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Another big disappointment tonight on Dallas. More about JR than anything else. Elena exposes the fraud that was the framing of Cliff Barnes for JR's murder after Drew Ramos' funeral, and there was the big fireworks at the beginning of the show. But after that, everything was helter skelter from there. No coherency and no real sense of purpose to the rest of the show. Strange how no one in the family asked John Ross just how did Elena come into possession of JR's lettter in the first place. Just one of those obvious things that need not be mentioned I guess. It was great that Bobby smashed JR's picture and trashed his office as a sign that he now realizes that he has become JR, something that he never was in the original Dallas. Bobby always found another way to come out on top without breaking laws or getting dirty. This Bobby Ewing is totally unrecognizable from the Bobby Ewing of old. As I pointed out, Larry Hagman's death hurt more than people realize. Not only did the writers have to scrap everything they had planned around Larry Hagman's character, JR Ewing, they now seem to be making things up as they go along. And Ken Kercheval's character Cliff Barnes. What is up with this? Billionaires do not go to prison, not even in Mexico. Hard to believe that a major government contract company CEO is allowed to rot almost for the remainder of the show. And now Pamela has Cliff Barnes pardon in her possession. Who are the writers trying to kid here? Do they not know what to do with Cliff Barnes character or has he been one of those forgotten items on the back-burner not to be seen or heard of again. Writers, time to step up your game. Things are slipping. Time to put Dallas on top of the ratings here!!

Dallas Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

You're the one who tossed her out with the trash. Maybe we should thank you for turning her into such a spiteful bitch.

John Ross

He got us to write his ending The ending where JR Ewing isn't a monster.