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Dancing With the Stars Season 11

J. Grey and D. Hough
"Season Finale"

The winner of Season 11 of Dancing With the Stars is crowned. Who won the MirrorBall?

Mark and Bristol
"Week Ten Performances"

Three couples remain. The Dancing With the Stars finals leave no margin for error ... unless you're Bristol Palin, in which case you advance no matter what.

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough Photo
"Week Nine Results"

The bell tolls for one of the remaining four couples. The bags are packed, and the tickets to the finals stamped. Who's going?

Contentious Pairing
"Week Nine Performances"

Four couples remain on Dancing With the Stars. Who will get the boot this week - Bristol, Jennifer, Kyle or Brandy?

Mark and Bristol Pic
"Week Eight Results"

Results for the eighth week of Dancing With the Stars competition are announced, and the field is down to four. Who got the boot?

Kyle Massey Celebrates
"Week Eight Performances"

Week eight on Dancing With the Stars is crunch time. Five pairs remain, and the tension is running high.

BP and Mario
"Week Seven Results"

The seventh contestant is eliminated from Dancing With the Stars. But who will it be?

200th Episode Bash
"Week Seven Performances"

Six couples remain. Who will be ousted next as the pursuit of the Mirror Ball trophy continues?

Audzo and Tony
"Week Six Results"

Who will be going home on Dancing With the Stars? Seven couples remain. It's coming down to the wire. Who will it be?

Kurt Warner Pic
"Week Six Performances"

Rock week on Dancing With the Stars was an interesting affair. Kurt Warner finished with the lowest score by far. Is he on the way out?

Tony Dovolani and Audrina Patridge Photo
"Week Five Results"

The fifth ousted couple is revealed on the results show. Who is in jeopardy and who is safe? Who will leave us this week?

Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin Photo
"Week Five Performances"

Eight couples remain. Four are gone. Who will survive as the Dancing With the Stars competition gets even tougher?

"Week Four Results"

Who's going home? Bristol or Situation? Or someone else in a huge stunner?

"Week Four Performances"

The fourth week of performances leave a couple of big-name stars in jeopardy, and familiar faces at the top. Who's in good shape and who's in trouble on Dancing With the Stars?

Der and Jen
"Week Three Results"

The Dancing With the Stars field is cut to nine. Which couple will be sent packing on the third week's results show?

Sitch, Karina
"Week Three Performances"

Ten couples remain as the third week of Dancing With the Stars gets underway. Who will survive until week four?

"Week Two Results"

The results are in and another couple is going home. Who's out the door and who survived to continue Dancing With the Stars another week?

Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey
"Week Two Performances"

The 11 remaining couples quickstep and jive their brains out on the second week of Dancing With the Stars? Who's in command and who's in trouble?

Bristol and Mark
"Week One Results"

What were the results of Dancing With the Stars' first week? Let's find out ...

DWTS Cast Season 11
"Week One Performances"

The 11th season of Dancing With the Stars gets underway. Who will cha-cha their way out the door? It looks like Brandy, Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Rick Fox are safe.

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