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On Dexter this week...

- Dexter befriended a senior citizen he believed to be a former serial killer who has returned to his old ways. He ended up bring correct and placing this man on his table. The man did make Dexter question his future, though, and whether he'd always be physically capable of killing.

- Deb deals with an overbearing LaGuerta at work and hired a new detective from Chicago, Mike Anderson.

- Travis and Gellar knocked out runner, locked him up and made him repent for his sins. They then killed him and attached his body to four different horses, parading it in public to end the episode.

Episode Number:

There are real "Brother Sams" in every American city. But the "religious killers" as presented so far, don't really have a real world equivalent. It doesn't ring true yet, and I don't want to see it get too cartoonish. Most serial killers/cult leaders reject normal interpretations of faith, or reject all faith, or have weird sexual/death fetishes, or are just mentally ill and believe themselves to be God/saviors, etc. A religious academic who knows the Bible extensively and likes it would be driven, if anything, to help people- not to commit weird ritual murders based loosely on scripture passages. It's so random. I hope the writers have a good explanation for all of this and aren't just going for a cartoonishly creepy, Batman-style villain.