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Will Deb get to Jordan Chase before Dexter and Lumen can? That's one of many issues ahead on this Showtime hit, as previewed in this look at "Hop A Freighter."
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A couple of major steps were taken in the relationship between Dexter and Lumen this week. Come along as we review "In The Beginning" and wonder how this season will conclude.
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Jordan Chase knows. This week's episode of Dexter concluded with a scene that made raised the stakes for the show's title character and made it clear that he and Lumen must speed up their plans for revenge.
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Dexter gets a lot closer to Jordan Chase on this Sunday's new episode of the Showtime hit. See what we mean in one of the clips attached here.
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Deb: (excitedly) A baby? a motherfucking rolly-poly, chubby cheeked shit machine? Are you kidding me?
Dexter: I've never heard it described in quite those words before, but yeah.

[narrated, in reference to Doakes] My devil danced with his demon and the fiddler's tune is far from over.

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