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A serial killer is back at again after 13 years away, Sherlock tracks him down and figures out that the killer had a partner and it was his son. Holmes also discovers that Captain Gregson's old partner planted evidence to put the killer away. Watson goes a hunt to figure out who Irene Adler is and finds a series of letters that Sherlock wants nothing to do with. Holmes confesses that Irene Adler had died and he took it extremely hard.

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who sings the song as the episode is ending

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Elementary Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Sherlock: You're right, I have been cutting you off. The demands too sulking and it is no way to conduct an adult relationship. I might not like what you did but I suppose I have to respect you're right to do it. I would propose a toast to our new spirit of collaboration but I neglected to pour myself a coffee. Would you mind waiting a moment?
Watson: Of course.
[Sherlock leaves the house]

Joan: Part of recovery is addressing painful things. If you ignore them they become triggers.
Sherlock: Could you shoot me all of this in an email? I'm much better at processing the written word.

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