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Holmes is asked to consult on a case involving the death of a Wall Street executive who appears to have overdosed on heroin even though he despises bankers. Meanwhile Watson learns that her developing powers of deduction make dating harder than expected.  

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Elementary Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jim: My name is Jim Fowkes. I am the chief vestment officer. This is Daniel Cho our Chief Financial Officer another in-house board member.
Sherlock: Yep. You're all chiefs of something. What do you want?

Aaron: What is I.M.L.T.H.O?
Sherlock: In my less than humble opinion.
Watson: You're abbreviations are becoming borderline indecipherable. I don't know why, because you are obviously capable being articulate.
Sherlock: Language is evolving Watson becoming a more effective version of itself. I love text shorthand. It's a way you to convey content and tone without losing velocity.