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Joan's Investigation
Watch Elementary Season 1 Episode 17
"Deja Vu All Over Again"
Original Air Date:

Joan searches for a woman who vanished during her first solo investigation on Elementary.

Teaching Watson
Watch Elementary Season 1 Episode 17
"Possibility Two"
Original Air Date:

After initially turning down a wealthy business man who thinks someone has given him a hereditary disease Sherlock and Watson take his case after a scientist who agree it was possible to give the disease was murdered.

Gregson & Sherlock Investigate
Watch Elementary Season 1 Episode 16
Original Air Date:

On Elementary, when someone attacks Detective Bell, Holmes investigates but the lead suspect ends up dead.

Watson Is Concerned
Watch Elementary Season 1 Episode 15
"A Giant Gun Filled With Drugs"
Original Air Date:

Sherlock attempts to find his former drug dealer's daughter who has been abducted but Watson is concerned the association will tempt Holmes to use drugs again on Elementary.

Sherlock in Thought
Watch Elementary Season 1 Episode 14
"The Deductionist "
Original Air Date:

Sherlock must work with an FBI profiler on this special episode of Elementary. Watson, meanwhile, faces eviction from her apartment.

Investigating a Hit & Run
Watch Elementary Season 1 Episode 13
"The Red List"
Original Air Date:

Holmes investigates a suspicious hit and run accident while Watson tries to help Sherlock and Gregson repair their relationship on Elementary.

Watson's Second Thoughts
Watch Elementary Season 1 Episode 12
Original Air Date:

Holmes faces off with a British criminal know as M who followed him to New York City on Elementary.

What Will Watson Do?
Watch Elementary Season 1 Episode 11
"Dirty Laundry"
Original Air Date:

Holmes investigates the death of a hotel manager who ends up in an industrial washer on Elementary.

Holmes Meets the Family
Watch Elementary Season 1 Episode 10
"The Leviathan"
Original Air Date:

On Elementary, when an unbreachable bank vault is broken into Holmes has to figure out how.

Holmes Goes to College
Watch Elementary Season 1 Episode 9
"You Do It To Yourself"
Original Air Date:

Holmes looks into the death of a college professor while an old lover of Watson's asks for a favor on Elementary.

Watch Elementary online as the world's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, solves crimes in New York City. The cast includes Johnny Lee Miller (Sherlock Holmes), Lucy Liu (Joan Watson), Aidan Quinn (Captain Thomas Gregson), Jon Michael Hill (Detective Marcus Bell), Natalie Dormer (Irene Adler/Moriarty) and Rhys Ifans (Mycroft Holmes). Elementary is an modern twist on the beloved and classic Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In this version, Sherlock relocates to New York City after completing rehab. Watson is a former surgeon and his sober companion. And, oh yeah, she's also a woman. Watch Elementary online, as Sherlock and Joan partner with Captain Gregson and Detective Bell of the NYPD to solve unusual crimes. Sherlock is abrasive and Joan is soothing. Between the two of them, criminals don't stand a chance. Some of the iconic characters, such as Irene Adler, Moriarty, Lestrade and Mycroft, show up to aid or hinder Sherlock's investigations. Elementary is a welcome update on a classic character. Johnny Lee Miller is perfect as Sherlock Holmes, switching effortlessly between cockiness and vulnerability. Watch Elementary online and see if you can spot the killer before Sherlock and Watson do.

Elementary Quotes

Holmes: Why do you suppose you hate your job so much?
Watson: I don't hate my job.
Holmes: You have two alarm clocks. No one with two alarm clocks loves their job. Two alarm clocks mean it's a chore for you to get up in the morning.

Watson: How do you do it, guess things?
Sherlock: I observe and then I deduce.
Watson: How did you know I was a doctor, you said you could tell from my hands.
Sherlock: Hand, singular. It was soft no calluses.
Watson: How did you know my father had an affair?
Sherlock: Google. Not everything is deducible.