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On the season 8 premiere:

- Vince gets out of rehab and wants to start a new movie project.

- Sloan sends back Eric’s ring after he ended their engagement because he didn't wanna sign a pre-nup.

- Ari learns Mrs. Ari is seeing someone else.

- Eric and Scott attempt to sign Johnny Galecki to their agency.

- Turtle accidentally burns the house down.

Episode Number:

Which song is playing in season 8, episode 1 during the recap of season 7?


whats that hiphop song at around min 27 when turtle throws the joint and burns the house


@Steve - "Houdini" by Foster the People


sofi needs a ladder, deadmau5


Whats the name of the song with the wicked bass during the house party? sounds like a girl singing in it


Eminem - till i collapse, as previously stated.


what was the song when they left the cheering crowd at vince's to go get lunch


Eminem - Till I collapse


What was the Eminem song at the end of the episode called?

Entourage Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Johnny Drama: I told you to clear this place of all drugs.
Turtle: Advil?
Johnny Drama: All means all. Aspirins, cough suppressants. I don't even want a throat lozenge in this house!

You look amazing, man... that sounded kind of gay.

Rehab guy [to Vince]
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