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Tonight’s episode opened Grant sitting in a café in 1947 giving directions to Adam Barlowe about going back in time to 1939 to stop the atomic bomb from being created. Back in 2010 Allison and Carter cuddle in bed for a bit until an urgent page from Fargo took them to GD where Henry had a lead on the DED device that was stolen.

Beverly Barlowe showed Grant why they needed the DED device for the plasma cell that powered it. She told him that she can send him back to the exact moment he left.  Henry and Allison investigated the area that Henry had suspicions about while Carter and Jo spoke to Zane where they realized that Grant might be involved. Further they figured out that Allison and Henry were in danger so Carter raced out to warn them but got there just as a pulse went off and threw Allison’s car into his jeep.

Carter and Henry survived the pulse but Allison did not. Carter told Henry to stay with her and went to find that where the pulse came from. He found it was a hidden workshop where Beverly and Grant had activated the new bridge device. Carter attacked Grant and both were teleported back to 1947 again but too early. When Carter explained to Grant that Allison had died, they decided to try and prevent it by stopping Adam Barlowe from stealing the bridge device plans to begin with, short of that Grant was willing to let Barlowe die when Allison saved him, or as a last resort they could warn Allison before she went back to 2010.

Everything idea that they tried failed, Adam Barlowe stole the bridge device plans, Allison was able to save his life when his heart stopped and Carter was not able to warn her before they went back to 2010, leaving Carter and Grant in 1947 again.

As Grant and Carter met back up, Grant told him that he repaired the beacon that had brought them here this time, Carter told him he was not able to warn Allison, but he then had a flash of an idea. He recorded a message to himself on the recording wire that he had listened to earlier that day.

With the new information on the recording wire, Carter made it out to Allison sooner and drove headlong into hidden building helping disperse the pulse and thus prevent Allison from being killed. Beverly Barlowe got away. Grant and Zane were cleared of all charges and Grant left to start a new life away from Eureka.

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have not seen the last episode yet but I hear good things. wish it was dec to see the next .


Looking forward to the new season, though the time bouncing got hard to follow. It would be nice to have an episode where the many different (documented!) types of 'intelligence' are explored -- maybe by some genius shrink guest -- so that everyone quits thinking of Carter as stupid...


This was a great 1/2 season and I am glad we have a second half date to begin again. I never did think that Zane and Jo could make a good couple because of the feeling Jo has that Zane is so much smarter than her but, who knows??? Maybe like Carter not knowing science but using common sense seems to solve most problems, Jo will have confidence in herself and overcome this feeling. I like all the characters in the show and hope they continue. Don't want to see another switch like they did with Andy. It's very disturbing when a new actor plays the part of one of the characters. Not good business at all. I am wondering how the show is going to go back to the normal time line. Or is it? Everyone is getting pretty comfortable with the characters as they are now. I guess we just wait and see. Thanks to the great writers on the show. Very good, keep it up. All of you actors and actresses who are with the show. Don't leave. The grass isn't always greener on another show. Stay where you are and we loyal fans will stay also. Ciao


Sure hope Beverly Barlowe doesn't kill off any more good cast members.
During another season and another time line, Jack and Allison were married and expecting a baby...hope that comes about! I like Henry's new wife and the new take charge Fargo. Loved seeing Fargo standing up to the general! Hope to see Zane and Jo get back together. I'm going to miss the show in the off season!!


I loved this episode! But please get Zoe a new boyfriend...this just doesn't work for me!! I love Zane and Joe...Fix it!! We want more!!!


Allison wasn't saved because he drove into the building dispersing the pulse...the car still crashed the exact same way. it was because he got there early enough for them to be in the car and do their seatbelts, which she didn't do the first time!!! amazing episode though!!!


this isn't on on the 3rd :((((

Eureka Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

What's going on with you and Allison and the truth, I will taze you.


Fargo: Hello, cop types. Bad guys are not going to find themselves
Carter: Is he getting bossier?
Jo: I kind of like it.