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While Allison’s brother Marcus is visiting Kevin slips Jack a “smart drug” that was supposed to help him remember facts better. The drug goes haywire and Jack finds himself the smartest person at GD having amped up Andy’s CPU brain and making him a power hungry monster.


Meanwhile Zane and Henry attempt to create Holly a cybernetic body so that she is not trapped inside S.A.R.A.H. anymore without Fargo finding out. 

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Okay then.......
Yeah, I'm a real fan of the show like a lot of people. But really guys, aren't
we sinking poor 'ol Jack Carter with these incredible insults? C'mon, Jack
Carter is no dummy! How insulting to him that Alley wanted just wanted her
"dumb husband" back! Really? Not only does he put his own life on the line
saving the town and sometimes the world, but also figures out the solution to
saving these "brainiacs" from their own destruction! And for that, we punish him
with "dumb guy" "dumb husband" branding? You send in a brother that no one
really knows about until he shows up to see if Jack is smart enough? And
before the episode is even over, we don't really warm up to this brother
that came outta no where. And speaking of "where", where in the heck is
Zoe??? Jack's relative! Or even Lexi? Have they been informed of Jack's
so-called wedding? HOLLY! Why? I'm afraid you writer's have dragged dear
old Holly's dilemma way out of context. Please, let her go! Like you let
Grace go. She was just a guest star. Not even a regular cast member. There
is too much of the Eureka saga to get to for you to drag out this Holly
thing. And I would really like to see what actually happens to the rest
of the cast during these final episodes of the series. Why don't we get
more personal with them first. "Huh?"

Eureka Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Andy: Something got your hard drive in a quarry boss?
Jack: Allison's brother is coming to town. I think he's checking up on the schlub his sister married.

Jack: What's the deal with your uncle?
Kevin: He's just sort of prejudice.
Jack: Against WHITE people?
Kevin: No, against dumb people - no offense.