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A seemingly innocent guy's night out takes a sudden turn on this episode of Family Guy.

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Forget-me-not is not the greatest episode from FG, but it's very nicely put together and have quite a few highlights. The intro of this Episode is rather generic, and barely impressed me; it's just been too many times in FG. But I have to say in from my pass experience from this show, it nice to see a much more thoughtout story. The ending is somewhat disappointing; it's been before in "Lois killed Stewie". Admittedly I did not expect this ending until just before the truth was revealed. And I believe many would see that coming right about that point. the twist feels forced, and leaves you wonder if they could have done more. To me, Forget-me-not is definitely one of the more consistent episodes from season 10, and I have enjoyed the ride.

Family Guy Season 10 Episode 17 Quotes

Peter: I put our family on the map tonight. No longer will we be just those faceless nobodys who brought the bird flu to Quahog.
Lois: You know, there's something seriously wrong with the man who always puts his friends over his family.
Brian: Come on, Lois, I think you're overreacting. What's so wrong about a guy hanging out with his buddies?
Lois: Buddies? You're one of his buddies?
Brian: Yeah, and you know why? 'Cause I don't try to tell what he can and can't do.
Lois: Oh, please, Brian. You're just two people living in the same house. If you didn't, you'd never hang out with each other in a million years. He owns you. You're his property.

Brian: Peter, what are you doing?
Peter: I'm not goin' to family night - my agreeing with Lois was just pure theater. Come on, we're jumpin' off the roof.
Brian: Are you insane? We'll kill ourselves!
Peter: Don't worry, we can fly! I got this pixie dust from a magic fairy - either that or it's speed I got from a transvestite at a diner. [noise of loud sniffing] Agh! It's the speed! It's the speed from the diner!
Brian: Peter, let go of me! Aggh—! [he and Peter belly flop to front porch] Dammit!