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On this week's Family Guy, Brian finds a new girlfriend when Quagmire hosts Disabled Ladies night in "The Blind Side." When Brian finds out that his new blind girlfriend hates dogs, he tricks her into believing that he's human until her parents come to visit and the whole ruse falls apart. 

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I actually watched Showgirls (painful!) last weekend for the first time because of this quote. I switched back to Stewie's scene three times to get through it.

Family Guy Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Disabled Girl: "Mine are made from teak, what are yours made from?"
Pirate: "Mine are just press board with wood veneer, I can't get wet."
Disabled Girl: "Oh...I think I see my friends."

Japanese Guy #1: "Hey you want to go watch a movie?"
Japanese Guy #2: "Nah we're Japanese...let's go watch a schoolgirl bang an octopus!"

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