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Brian and Stewie get locked in a bank vault for 2 days during the 150th episode of Family Guy.  After making Brian eat his poop out of his dirty diaper and getting drunk together, Stewie eventually admits Brian is the only person that makes his life tolerable and that he loves him.  Brian admits the love is reciprocated.

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Need to bring back Brian. Vinnie does not match the environment of there household. Nothing is funny that Vinnie says. Not to mention awkward. For once can we keep the same cast members. Ex Batman, Spider-Man, Fast n Furious, and now Family Guy!


this is one of the best episodes go get high and watch season 5 if u wantfunny but meaningless episodes


I use to love the show for smooth dialogues and generally great humour. This one started great and went right down the toilet.Did not like it at all.


Why is it that nothing but slapstick will do?

I understand that people tune into this show mainly to see something light and humorous and will be put off if they are exposed to anything else.

I also know that every M*A*S*H or All in the Family was not a raucous laugh-riot. It was those kinds of shows, interspersed with the rest, that turns caricatures into characters, the kind of people we can relate to and maybe see some of ourselves in.

The Brian suicide part hit home with me. My brother committed suicide. I understand why others might find that kind of topic disturbing, To me, it isn't talked about enough.

Yes, I enjoy the brainless tripe, too. But it's not all that I enjoy.


and as far as character development goes, why on earth would Seth MacFarlane, after 10 years, decide that now would be a good time for major character development? Family Guy has never been about deep, meaningful storylines and character development.


this episode was extremely poor. all i can hope is that it truly was an experiment, because if this is how its going to be here on out, Family Guy is as good as dead.


I'm gonna stand out in saying this, but this was actually one of my favorite Family Guy Episodes in a long time. From a comedic standpoint, I believe most people would conced that this episode wasn't funny, but qualities beyond humor can make something great. Personally, the "insert interchangable and irrelevant joke here" style of family guy was redundant a long time ago, and its natural that the series may need to bee revamped because the format was stale. Accordingly, the great majority of recent episodes have seemed stale in hindsight of earlier ones, this is not because the writing staff has lost there touch, it's caused by the fact that the family guy formula was loosing its appeal. I suspect that the shows ratings reflected this, and, as a result, the creators experimented with a new sort of Family Guy. Personally, I adored how serious this episode was, I love to see character development, especially in American animated series, where this is not prevalent. The whole aspect of Brian's suicidal tendencies sold the episode on my part. For some viewers, this new more, more dramatic, representation of the show may be far more satisfying than the somewhat repetitive for. However, for fans of the usual observational humor and satirical design of Family Guy, I fear this shift in perspective may be an unwanted change. It can't be seen whether future episodes will be similar in design to this one, but it is likely that the creators will proceed with the most successful format, and as the majority of the Family Guy audience is most likely inclined to choose laughs over seriousness, many individuals may take comfort in the fact that the humorous side of Family Guy may well prove more enduring, leading the creators to return to the format in future episodes. Of course, only time will tell for sure.


I haven't liked Family Guy since Season 3 but this episode was actually good. Family Guys has become just too stupid and it was nice for the creators to change it up even if it was just for one episode. The next episode will go back to sucking so everyone who is complaining you will get your idiotic show back again.


I've been a fan of Family Guy for a while, and I have to say that this episode was a huge disappointment. I get that Seth McFarlane might have wanted to try something different, but I think he made this particular Family Guy for a different audience.

I don't watch Family Guy for touching moments and character exposition, I watch it because it makes fun of those moments in other shows, and everything else on the planet, without fear. This episode took itself way too seriously. There were funny moments, but it lacked the rhythm and pranks that have made the Family Guy a classic television show with a loyal following.

I won't fault McFarlane for doing it, his track record is too great for too long to make a big deal out of it. As long as this was an experiment and not a new trend (or possibly at the orders of network goons demanding an hour to air).

If he is feeling like changing the story telling approach from here on out, hopefully he'll take that to a different series and let the Family Guy nation continue to have the show they fell in love with.


I have to agree with the first poster. I am such a fan, little events in everyday life give me Family Guy flashbacks. I even enjoy seeing Seth MacFarlane push the envelope as far as possible but the poop gag was not only way too long, I just didn't find it funny. This really seemed like an experimental episode and certainly not one for a 150th episode. And where was Conway Twitty?

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