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Brian and Stewie get locked in a bank vault for 2 days during the 150th episode of Family Guy.  After making Brian eat his poop out of his dirty diaper and getting drunk together, Stewie eventually admits Brian is the only person that makes his life tolerable and that he loves him.  Brian admits the love is reciprocated.

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I'm maybe the biggest Family Guy fan.I've seen all the episodes countless times. However, this episode has to be the worst episode they have ever done. Hands down. I get the occasionally joke-that-lasts-to-long (like the frog out the window, Peter\Louis falling down and grabbing his\her injured knee\boob...), but that was 10 whole minutes of the poop scene. It wasn't even funny. And if you decide to show the most memorable songs from the first 150 episodes, why not show the good ones like "You Have AIDS", "Prom Dumpster Baby" or others. I hope they make up for it later and this isn't them jumping the shark....


I guess that what makes us all individuals. I liked some of what the episode had 2 offer.I actually burst out 2 laughing w/ the whole ear piercing incident, that was way too funny! I think it was a nice change from all the usual antics. I know this is gonna sound crazy but the part where Brian confessed that he owned a gun because he might actually use it 2 commit suicide was a little depressing and I almost cried. I know it's just a cartoon but it made me think of other folk's that I've met in the past with emotional issues that have spoken along the same lines. It was deep! I was surprised when I saw that it was ending early only to be followed with clips I had seen previously but none the less I enjoyed watching the 150th episode looking 4ward 2 the 200th episode! Keep up the good work!

Family Guy Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Brian: You invented a time machine, but you can't get us out of a safe?
Stewie: Yeah, that's science. I'm not Houdini.

Brian: Actually it's called Brian and Stewie.
Stewie: Really? Shouldn't it be person before animal, like Turner & Hooch?
Brian: I don't think that movie is a good example... of anything.