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The Griffin family go to the Quahog Video store going out of business sale and Peter buys Road House for a $1.  He soons decides round house kicks are the solution to all of life's problem and winds up driving his car with his kicks into the rear end of another car.  The driver turns out to be a cute young blonde that Brian asks out.  When he goes to pick up the girl, she's already gone on another date, so Brian takes out her mom (Aimee Garcia). 

Brian soon begins a whirlwind romance with the older woman (50), but is embarassed to introduce her to the family.  It turns out that was for good reason, they all laugh at him, but that doesn't stop him from proposing.  While out picking up milk of magnesia for his constipated old wife, he swings by a bar and has a one night stand.  He comes back home to tell her he's over the age thing, but she dumps him.

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