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After Lois encourages the family to go hiking, Chris and Stewie end up lost in the woods for a few days.  While gone, Chris admits he has a crush, and when the two are rescued, Chris is portrayed as a hero in the newspaper and Stewie encourages him to take advantage of his situation and ask out the girl.  We find out the girl has down syndrome and she ends up saying yes to going out with Chris.  The date doesn't end up going well when Chris keeps screwing things up for the girl and she "dumps him."

Meanwhile, when Lois went to a psychic while the boys were in the woods, she starts believing in them.  Brian tries to convince Lois that psychics are b.s. by demonstrating even Peter with minimal training can fake being one.  Unfortunately, Peter ends up convincing himself he's a psychic and ends up helping Joe and the police attempt to stop a bomb.  When it fails and the bomb blows up, he admits he's not psychic.

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