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When Brian learns that Rush Limbaugh is having a book signing, he goes to give the conservative a piece of his mind.  However, on his way home from the signing, Brian gets jumped by a multi-ractial gang and it's Limbaugh that saves his life.  Brian, as a result, agrees to read Rush's book and has a change of political heart.  He becomes a conservative and argues so much with Lois, he moves out and in with Rush.  Eventually, Rush kicks him out for being still being a liberal... because he cares about stuff.  Seriously. 

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I loved it! I remember why I adore listening to Rush on the EIB every day! Now I'm going to have the over the top Republican World song stuck in my head. My husband and I watched it twice on hulu tonight!


2 episodes so far. 2 episodes I will never watch again. Nothing special in this episode. The idea of Brian becoming a republican had the potential to be exciting, but the episode missed the mark and somehow the most memorable part was Lois farting. Lame. Seth, for the love of all things funny, drop the Cleveland show so you can spend time on FG and make it worth our time. The shark is circling.


This was the worst episode i have seen of Family Guy, so disapointing and boring. No one wants to watch political bull shit, or Rush Limbaugh for that matter, over half of its viewers don't even know who that is. It was a weak episode and after such a great season premiere, this was the worst. I didn't laugh, smile, or even grin in this episode, just awful. I hope they do better next week.

Family Guy Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Tom Tucker: Hi, I'm Tom Tucker. Where's Diane, Ollie?
Ollie: She dead!

First I'm gonna stare at this brown paper bag that I'm pretty sure has food in it