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It's off to the North Pole for Brian and Stewie this week. They want to track down Santa Claus.

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sorry but I don't care what you think is funny. That wasn't funny. facts are facts
I'm not sensitive to "dark humor", but you have to put the HUMOR first.
dark humor was when Stewie hit the guy with the bat and said "you can't call the cops on Santa.:
Me: "Meh heh."
I mean that's Stewie and the joke was just funny enough to make me forget that his child was going to have worst Christmas morning or general in her her life... but then the wife and daughter come down.
even then, I'm thinking "haha. you guys better run and learn your lesson about Christmas lists"
but they didn't. the writers instead thought it would be a good idea to make the scene drag on and show us the panic of our main characters and the fear in the child's eyes as Brian holds the woman down so Stewie could finish her too. Jaw on the ground, "WHAT WAS THAT?"
today I answer myself. That failure at professional comedy writing and example of everything wrong with that show. the point of a sitcom is to make people laugh while telling a story. the people that say it's just mindless comedy so it's okay. then why does the show have a narrative? why is brian just shaking this off when he has, up to recently, been the rational moral fiber of the family.
as you can see I'm running out of structure, so I'll rap this up because i'm tired.
that episode ruined the series for me, and if you disagree, you are ruining something that's main purpose is to make people smile.


I like FG but that bit with killing Dad, Mom, then taping the girl. WTF?


The cliche "stop wanting so much" told in a completely unorthodox manner. The murder of the parents was brutal and unnecessary and sick and morally corrupted... o wait, this is family guy. I think this is a great episode, just an hour of mindless and morally questionable humor that makes you tinge. The fact that the plot is smooth and plausible (the growing population leading to an overload of demand for Santa's workshop turning it into a factory of pain and sadness) makes it better. Overall, 4.5. It has a plot, which is much needed for Family Guy today. It has mindless humor, the backbone of the show itself. It had Christmas. What other reason to watch Family Guy than for humor that knows no bounds?


I found it Hilarious, It's my favorite episode so far. Mostly because everything was so unexpected. It was dark humor, but I loved it.


I was so disturbed by the bludgeoning of the father and mother and tying up the little girl with duct tape that I had to shut it off. Maybe it's being fron Ct where we are still hurting from a home invasion not unlike that depicted, but it was definately NOT funny. I'm so ticked off I actually searched out a discussion on this show just so I could vent.

Family Guy Season 9 Episode 7 Quotes

Santa, now we've got a slight problem here because I've been rather naughty. But you're a business man, I'm a business man, I'm sure we (starts flicking dollar bills) can work something out.


I want a pet animal that's half chinchilla and half mink because I could call it "Chink" and that would be ok.