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Eric's contract is reviewed.

Billy and Mindy's wedding day arrives.

Tyra awaits word on her wait-list status.

Matt prepares to leave for college.

Tim and Lyla consider their future.

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Aiden falls - you can count on me


This is one of the BEST television shows on today! Please don't let it fall! It must go on, these people in Dillion must continue. I really hope there is life for this wonderful show.


As well written and entertaining as anything on tv....The individual characters are more than real, and it will be difficult to see the actors in other rolls without thinking of their speech and character in FNL..Looking forward to 2 more seasons


Really great show! Have watched it since first season and it seems to get better and better. Would like to know what song is playing when Matt Saracen is taking his grandmother to the nursing home in "Tomorrow Blues." Song is listed as "Beautiful" by Gary Jules but this is not it. Any idea?


this show is great keep it going please.