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- The team is worried about getting ranked and then upset when they don't make the Top 20.

- We met Epyck, a trouble student who becomes Tami's latest project.

- The boys get their rally girls.

- Maura, Vince's rally girl, and Jess get into a physical fight.

- Mindy is wary of Becky staying in her house.

- Tami has trouble getting the other teachers to help out.

- The athletic administration suspends Luke for one game because of what they deemed foul play.

- Julie meets her TA Derek.

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Haha, ik had het gehoord ja, het is al aaidrg winter in Nederland en dit terwijl de winter officieel nog niet eens is begonnen. Nee, afgezien dat het soms ook een beetje teveel warm kan zijn (het koelt maar niet af hier, terwijl het zou moeten regenen en koeler zou moeten zijn), ben ik momenteel toch inderdaad wel blij dat ik hier zit hoor ;)

Friday Night Lights Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Epyck: Everybody in Texas smokes. Even babies smoke in this state.
Tami: Well even babies can't smoke on school property.

It looks like a lot of things are about to change for a little school called East Dillon.

Slammin' Sammy Meade
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