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After feeling under appreciated as a delivery boy, Fry decides to become a police officer because of the amount of promotion opportunities.

As Fry moves up the ranks he’s promoted to the Future Crimes Division and meets a human/robot hybrid named Pickles. Pickles is able to predict future crimes.

Pickles predicts Bender will try to steal a rare Maltese Liquor and leaves Fry with two possible outcomes: either he shoots and kills Bender or he lets Bender go and share the liquor with his friends at the delivery company. If Bender shares it with them they’ll all die.

Fry realizes it’s all a clever plan by Pickles to get the liquor all to himself. How? Fry knows Bender wouldn’t share his alcohol with anyone. With Bender’s help Fry is able to catch and arrest Pickles.

Fry is subsequently promoted and fired from the police force and gets rehired and promoted to Executive Delivery Boy at the delivery company.


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