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Sheryl Crow stops by GCB this week, while Heather falls for a character played by Tom Everett Scott.

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Please, please, please keep GCB on the air. It is one of the best shows going and it keeps me in stiches the entire hour. I love the little innuendos and the Bible quotes given from time to time and I also love how realistic these people are. They are typical of any church who has members that think they are better than everyone else and who after quoting scripture would stab you in the back in a heartbeat. DO NOT LET THIS SHOW GO!!!!


Please bring back GCB for another season. It is very refreshing and quite entertaining. The characters are great and we are just getting to know them. I have talked to serveral people who think the program is hilarious! And it does, indeed, have many God moments and teaching moments. Thank you!!!


I LOVE GCB. Please bring it back with new episodes. It is so funny! And, contrary to some views, there are some God moments on it. Thank you.