General Hospital

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Kate drifts off and has a dream about dancing with Sonny. Carly rushes into Jax's arms when he suddenly reappears at Wyndemere. Johnny aims at his dad and pulls the trigger but discovers that the gun is empty. Jason finally gets the upper hand in his fight with Nikolas and ties him to a chair.

In the wake of their brush with death, Patrick tells Robin he never stopped loving her and is grateful for the time they spent together. Pulling out a gun of his own, Anthony condemns Johnny for betraying him again. Elizabeth and Sam snipe at each other after Lucky brings his mistress to join his wife, Spinelli and Nadine.

Before he vanishes, Anthony warns Johnny he'll allow Lulu to live until the sun rises. Horrified to see the bruise on Emily's face, Nikolas begs Jason to take her away from him for safekeeping. A relieved Jerry embraces his brother, then waves off Jax's concern about his injuries.

Robin (Kimberly McCullough) gently reminds Patrick (Jason Thompson) that their basic differences will still be an obstacle to any future together. Anthony taunts the helpless Nikolas by claiming he has Emily stashed away. Later, Sam and Lucky release Nikolas and he runs off.

Lulu defends Johnny when Logan (Josh Duhon) declares that young Zacchara is just as crazy as his old man. Skye urges Trevor to make things right with his son. Ric regains consciousness and is surprised to learn that it was Sonny's blood which saved his life. Emily returns to the house to find Nikolas flyng into a blind rage.

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