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Lane convinces Rory to get her a double date with Dean's best friend. Lorelai accepts a blind double date with Jackson's cousin, Roon.

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Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Mrs. Kim: (angrily, to a man in her store) You break, you buy!
Man: But it was sticking out in the aisle.
Mrs. Kim: You break, you buy!
Man: But I didn't put it in the aisle.
Mrs. Kim: You have eyes, yes?
Man: Yes, I have eyes.
Mrs. Kim: These eyes work?
Man: Yes, these eyes work.
Mrs. Kim: They can make out shapes, sizes and colors?
Man: Yes they can do all that, but ...
Mrs. Kim: Eyes work, they see lamp in aisle, send message to brain: 'Lamp in aisle - move!' You move. You don't break lamp.
Man: I ...
Mrs. Kim: You have no eyes, not my problem, that is between you and them. You break, you buy!
(The man gives in and gives her some money)
Mrs. Kim: (suddenly sweet) We appreciate your business.

Mrs. Kim: Lane is not allowed to date boys unless we have approved them. She knows that, she knows our rules and she broke them. That is unacceptable.
Lorelai: Ok, yes, you're right. But teenagers sometimes slip up.
Mrs. Kim: I don't care what teenagers do, I care what Lane does.
Lorelai: You know, it doesn't always work to just lock a kid up and throw away the key.
Mrs. Kim: I didn't throw away the key, it's in the kitchen.
Lorelai: (surprised by the answer) Ok, well, I was talking symbolically...but alright, I'm with you now.