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Girls Season 2 Finale Pic
Watch Girls Season 2 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

It's the Girls Season 2 finale, as Hannah tries to finish her book and Ray tries to impress Shoshanna.

Running Into Adam
Watch Girls Season 2 Episode 9
"On All Fours"
Original Air Date:

Hannah continues to worry about her deadline on Girls this week, while Adam has an awkward moment with his new girlfriend.

Hannah at Dinner
Watch Girls Season 2 Episode 8
"It's Back"
Original Air Date:

Hannah's parents visit on this episode of Girls. She's therefore forced to mask fears about her book.

Jessa and Father
Watch Girls Season 2 Episode 7
"Video Games"
Original Air Date:

It's off to upstate New York this week for Jessa and Hannah. They head there to visit Jessa's dad.

Marnie and Booth
Watch Girls Season 2 Episode 6
Original Air Date:

Hannah gets an e-book deal on this episode of Girls, while Marnie hosts a party for Booth.

The Man for Hannah
Watch Girls Season 2 Episode 5
"One Man's Trash"
Original Air Date:

On Girls, Hannah is shocked at how attracted she is to a normal forty-something year old man who has a stable life.

Jessa at Dinner
Watch Girls Season 2 Episode 4
"It's a Shame About Ray"
Original Air Date:

Hannah hosts a dinner party on this episode of Girls.

Happy Hannah Horvath
Watch Girls Season 2 Episode 3
"Bad Friend"
Original Air Date:

Hannah takes on a freelance assignment this week, while Marnie has an encounter with artist Booth Jonathan.

Hannah and Jemma
Watch Girls Season 2 Episode 2
"I Get Ideas"
Original Air Date:

Hannah runs into problems with both Adam and Sandy this week, while Marnie contemplates a new career path.

Girls Season 2 Premiere Pic
Watch Girls Season 2 Episode 1
"It's About Time"
Original Air Date:

Girls is back! This is the first episode of Season 2.

Girls Season 2 Quotes

Marnie: I want you. I know I'm a mess, but I want you. I want to see you every morning. I want to make you a snack every night. And I eventually want to have your little brown babies and eventually I want to watch you die.
Charlie: That's all I wanted to hear.
Marnie: Is it?
Charlie: I love you. Maybe I'm an idiot for it. But I always have. Everything good that I try and do I do because of you and I try and get away but I just keep coming back. And that's because I love you.

I should probably wait until he's capable of wiping himself.