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On the first season finale of Glee...

... Emma tells Will that she's seeing someone else: her dentist. But Will later responds to this with three words that will hopefully play a major role on season two: I love you.

...  despite the presence of Sue as a judge, and the lack of hope surrounding their chances, the group heads to Regionals. There, they sing a Journey melody and appear to steal the show. However, celebrity judges Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John aren't fans of New Directions. Or of Sue. Newton-John especially puts Sue down as a wannabe celebrity, and makes reasonable connections between her and the choir she hates.

This leads to Vocal Adrenaline winning the title and New Directions coming in third out of three teams. Based on the deal with Figgins, this means the choir is finished - but wait! Sue convinces Figgins to give the group one more years because she feels badly for the kids. This leads to a nice moment between Sue and Will, even if the former threatens to "throw up" on him if it goes on too long.

... Quinn gives birth to a daughter. She gives it up for adoption... to Shelby! Time will tell if we see more of Rachel's mother next season as a result.

And, with that, the season came to an end, as the group sang an emotional song to Will to thank him for all he did for them. It was a great episode and you can read more about it via my review.

Episode Number:

I love this episode!!!...JOURNEY MEDLEY n.n


MAJOR disappointment. Too neat. Too tidy. Sue going soft? No. No more Shelby, please. Adopting Quinn's baby? Please. No more Olivia. Deal is a deal and will did not even fight for New Directions. And Sue neatly steps in and saves them? Please. I really enjoy Glee; it is well written and well acted, I hope it does not slip into television cliches'.


It was a terrific if a bit compressed finale. The writers felt the need to tidy up all the loose ends and it was a bit rushed. Finn loves Rachel - done, Quinn has baby - done, Shelby adopts baby - done. Of course the kids had to loose otherwise they wouldn't maintain their underdog status and that's why we root for them. But the musical numbers were all fabulous, especially "To Sir with Love" with so much sweet emotion that even melted Sue's frigid heart. All 22 episodes together comprise a wonderful and (if they have any brains) award winning series. Thank you Glee see you in September.


This was one of my favorites Glee episodes ever. I watched it twice and shed more than a few tears both times. The "To Sir, With Love" tribute and watching Will's (and Sue's) reactions was so moving. Because the emotions of the Glee singers were so strong during the song, I wondered if the "real" ending had been kept secret from them until the very end.


Len; Pretty sure she wrote New Directions in first place, Aural Intensity in second and Vocal Adrenaline in third.
Cece; i really understand what you mean, I thought the looks on all their faces were just so, so sad. And also how Jesse never even looked at Rachel, never showed any regret (- BASTARD!). But still, when I think about it now (post-heartbreak), I think it makes sense for them to not win, both for the characters and the storyline. But here's hoping we don't have to experience this kind of heartbreak again :D


I really hope Idina as Shelby is back next season - her relationship with Rachel was my favourite part of the season - there has to be more than this. I'm confused at how she could just dismiss Rachel in the end. and the jesse thing wasn't wrapped up for me - that was confusing too...
otherwise Glee is amazing!


what were the names that Sue posted on her ballot?....2nd place?


They didn't even place? What the heck!? I died a little bit watching this episode. Jessie's attitude and what Rachel's mom said...despicable. I can't say I liked the episode tonight.

Glee Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

Your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep expecting racist, animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing about living on the bayou.


I realize my cultural ascendance only serves to illuminate your own banality. But, face it, I'm legend. It's happened.