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The plot this week was driven by Sue's admiration for Madonna. She wanted her Cheerios to practice routines set to the music of the iconic singer, which inspired Will to do the same for New Directions.

There were a number of incredible musical numbers, but many storylines moved forward, as well:

- Rachel couldn't bring herself to have sex with Jesse. She said she wasn't ready and it would even be unfair to the group. Jesse's reaction? He actually joined New Directions (after moving in with his uncle, who resides in the district), despite objections from Kurt and Mercedes. They responded by joining the Cheerios, who are incorporating singing into their routines. But they are still members of the choir, too.

- Emma also couldn't bring herself to sleep with Will. But his divorce papers are signed and these two appear headed in a positive dating direction.

- Finn actually did sleep with Santana because he was jealous of Rachel's relationship with Jesse. He said he felt nothing because it meant nothing.

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This episode is THE BEST...Madonna is one of the best singers...but glee covers were just IMPRESSING :D


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Tina: I am powerful woman and my growing femininity will cut you in half like a righteous blade of equality!


I was shock at the end when Kurt sung a solo part of "Like A Prayer", his voice became as high as it can be!! and it it was GREAT!! hehehehe!! i hope to hear Kurt sing more often...


wow, we actually got to hear santana's singing voice in this one! awesome episode


This episode was perfect. The only thing I would have loved to see is Diana Argon singing Papa dont preach. Otherwise it was the best episode. Cant believe Finn went through with it and the music was so good I had goosebumps!!!


I can't wait until this one comes out! i think Idina Menzel is perfect for this show!!!

Glee Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

[Madonna is] the most powerful woman ever to walk the face of the earth.


Kurt: Mercedes is black, I'm gay: We make culture.