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The Glee Club take time away from their preparations to perform at the funeral of Sue's sister. Jesse turns the Glee Club against one another by suggesting a try out be held for a solo at Nationals. Emma helps Will pack for his trip to Broadway. Sue asks Terri to help her derail the Glee Club's trip to New York, but she instead comes to the club's rescue in the end. 

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I just got my prescription finn relvevors in the mail in black too! yay! I love them & so does everyone else that sees them on me. they make me happy, glad you chose the same ones!


i think it will be someone very close to the school but im not shore who though. do Quinn and Finn break up because wont find untill 2 weeks time and i wont Rachel and Finn back together sorry Finn and Quinn fans


the death is a female recurring caracter and it's between Jean sues sister and Becky


No and no. It's been confirmed it's not Emma and I'd hardly call Burt and Finn's mom a 'major' couple. The couple breaking up is obviously going to be Finn and Quinn (who ARE a major couple). As for who is dying - I have absolutely no idea if it's not Karovsky or Blaine (which apparently it's not). Honestly, my bets are on Jesse (which is honestly just fine with me - sorry St. Berry people). But that's not really based on anything other than wishful thinking on my part. Just my two cents.


Hey ho! Sad News... Emma will die in this Episode, Suicide at her home, also Kurt´s Dad and Finn´s Mother (this is the major Couple) will die :( Sad but true :(

Glee Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Honey Badger I am lactating with rage!


You kind of sing and dance like a zombie who has to poop.