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On the Super Bowl episode of Glee...

- The football team loses a game after Karofsky gets into it with Finn on the field, making fun of the glee club. As a way to end this feud, Beiste and Will force the football team to join New Directions for a halftime show performance at the upcoming championship game.

- Tension continues to mount, however, as the players eventually refuse to sing/dance, and Beiste throws them off the team. How will McKinley compete in the big game?

- By having Rachel, Tina and the girls suit up so they at least don't forfeit. It's a cute idea, but McKinley is getting smoked at halftime. That's when Finn tells Puck to go convince Karofsky and company to join in the halftime performance... while he goes to convince the Cheerios to do the same.

- Sue had made them quit New Directions and had scheduled regionals on the same night as the big game. She talked Brittany, Quinn and Santana to resign from New Directions. But Finn talked them into making the opposite move, explaining how they clearly enjoyed singing and were just looking out for their own reputations.

- Finn succeeded in this argument, Sue was left to be interviewed by Katie Couric because she was a huge loser who blew her chance to win regionals and the halftime performance went off swimmingly. We also learn that all Cheerios funding has gone to New Directions.

- Beiste allowed the players to join the team again and they came from behind to win. But Karofsy later told Finn he wouldn't be joining the group permanently. Finn then received another surprise: Quinn kissed him because she said she admired his leadership.

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So after all that silliness about finding it WAS okay for Artie to be pushed in his wheelchair during games he didn't play?! Sounded so ridiculously stupid that the rule books would approve that. Glad they made it slightly more realistic, as much as I adore Artie it was a dumb idea to have him in the team.


When is it coming out??? can't wait to see it:D


holy shit! MJ!!OMG I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!! HE'S THE FRIGGIN BEST!


MJ sucks!!!!!!!!!


wow!!! that´s fantastic, ican´t wait to see mj episode, it´s gonna be fantastic!!

Glee Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Funny, Karofsy, how you call everyone gay all the time. But you never seem to have a girlfriend.


Brittany, please remind me how I single-handedly put cheerleading on the map.