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It's Sectionals week on Glee! Only problem is the New Directions are short on members so Rachel and Finn talk Sam into returning to McKinley. Mike is going to go to medical school instead of pursuing his dancing all to please his father, but Tina sticks up for her boyfriend and shows his father, Mike has real talent. Will Schuester's gang emerge victorious and celebrate their win and the return of their friends from the Trouble Tones thanks to some persuading from Quinn who also decides to not expose Shelby and Puck's relationship. 


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wooow a CHANG-CHANG episode!!! :)


Omg what is name of the song sang by the leotards (?) and SAM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! :)


It's a shame Rachel can't compete she does have an amazing voice, I hope the new directions use the opportunity to do something new and it's not just swapping Rachel for Blaine! don't get me wrong I love Blaine but some of the others should be allowed to shine. I am so pleased they have the troubletones now as well as it gives Santana a chance to shine, her voice has got better and better, hope our Brit gets the chance to show off her voice and her amazing moves. Only problem I have is it always been such a problem in the past not having 12 members so why is it no trouble this time at sectionals??


It's actually kinda good that Rachel won't be in Sectionals. She has an amazing voice, but I'm sick of her singing 90% of songs. I hope to hear something fresh and new form the New Directions :)
And I really like the TroubleTones!


I'd say that im scared for a Berryless Sectionals performance, it's the buildup of the season. The characters and plotlines matched up to criticism since the shows inception of putting Lea Michele ahead of everyone on cast. This will allow new Directions to find a creative way to thrive without her, at least at sectionals. They will win sectionals (maybe tie, but they did that last year with the warblers, no?), and The TroubleTones will see that maybe New Directions has changed course and will allow the rest of the group to shine. They will perform as one unit by Regionals. With all the extra bodies in both groups merging they will have substantial more effect with voices and movement on stage. Because its the big senior year buildup, they will win Regionals and at least place at Nationals very high, if not win. Guarantee that. The merge will also coincide with Idina finishing her guest spot status, as the whole Puck/Shelby/Beth/Quinn story arc willl come to a head. but not until January. That will be one of the major cliffhangers of the Sectionals mid-season finale.
ANyone else share my predictions?

Glee Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to enjoy a crisp pickle but couldn't find anyone to suck the lid off the jar.


You smell like Craigslist.