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- Will is absent and Glee is supposed to cancelled but Sam and Blaine take over.

- Sam and Blaine declare it "guilty pleasure week."

- Rachel confronts Brody.

- Everyone is mad that Jake almost performed Chris Brown.

- Sam knows that Blaine had a crush on him. 

- Santana becomes a permanent roommate.

- Sam does secret macaroni art portraits. 

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Love the new Relationship between Santana and Rachel bringing back Santana was the best decision for this season love the new Santana. And. Finally Broady it's out of the picture is about time the was probably the worst part of the season for me Come on Finn and Rachel forever. Anyway can't wait for the last 5 episodes can't wait for Rachel to reunite with her mom and my favorite duets Rachel and Shelby. Love Santana and Rachel's duets an off course Finn an Rachel love their duets.


Santana: Hugging dolls are so much better then the real thing. My skin burns when I touch someone in comfort.

Glee Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Please be songs about sweaters.


My art teacher thinks I'm some kind of genius like the ugly guy in Shine except with macaroni.