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Chuck and Blair are back to square one.

Forced with the prospect of getting his hotel back, he goes behind Blair's back to trick her into sleeping with his uncle in such a way that he need not ask her upfront.

At first, Blair was repulsed at the very idea (although Jack reminded her it's not completely without precedent).

But after witnessing Chuck snap back at her, she reconsidered and actually fell for it; which is horrible because it also showed how deeply she cared for Chuck.

Serena's grand plan to show Nate her appreciation on his birthday was to make it seem like she doesn't give a crap then surprise him with an assassin-themed party.

This fit right into Jenny's not-so-hidden plan to steal Nate.

Eric quickly realized what she was up to. After witnessing Dorota's engagement, he espied Jenny running after Nate.

He also happened to drop his assassin game photo, which would be instrumental in him meeting his new love interest Elliot.

After planting a little kiss on Nate during the end of the game, Little J seemed to have realized the error of her ways and surrendered.

Meanwhile, Dan and Vanessa struggled with honesty issues. Neither wants to be critical now that they're a couple. But while they agreed to be more honest going forward, Dan still doesn't know she applied to the same program as he.

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Agh! I hate Jenny!! She's the most spiteful character of the show.


ya.. dont touch chuck and blair...please!


I think Jenny should just back off Nate and let Serena have him. Even do he did help her it was probably just because he didnt want to see her get hurt.I also think Blair and Chuck are ment to be... But i doubt it will last!! :)


Wtriters can do whatever they want, but please, DON'T TOUCH CHUCK&BLAIR


i totally hate jenny...i think she's pretty but her interfering with nate and serena's realtionship just bursts me up..she better not be the reason why serena and nate will break up...i'll hate gossip girl if that happens...nate really doesent want to kiss jenny but jenny tries to kiss him...ugghh!!..i hate her...but i'm happy to say to all serenate fans serena and nate will end up together in the end...:)


to all serenate fans who are mad 4 the nxt episode, dont worry nate and serena will not break up..maybe something happened to jenny and nate like a kiss but nate didnt want to kiss jenny at all..so long live serenate!!i hate JENNY! nd in the book serena and nate are going to end up together in the end..:)...serenate!!!


serenateloverjennysux, i so agree with you. nate and serena better stay together.
if nate chooses jenny over serena, i think i might stop watching gossip girl forever.


if Nate leaves Serena for jenny im gonna be soo mad i almost cried when i saw i saw the trailer.. we've been waiting three years and they only give us 4 episodes of Serenate?! wtf is this! and the party is supposed to bring Serenate closer I effing hate Jenny and i think that Nate was supposed to open the door but jenny kissed him. Im so pissed i swear ill like kill jenny if she does sumting to them. And as for Chair i HATE Jack and i think that w.e. scheme Blair and chuck have is the dumbest thing ever.


yaay, some Carter Baizen love, that's what this show need again :D :D


yay!! am excited for the jenny and nate scenes!!...I want Nate with Jenny...Serena is just boring..and plus i feel like Jenny and Nate connect more with each other...and plus Jenny at first was helping Nate with Serena...she cares about him...and Nate does too..but he doesnt want to admit it...because firstly Nate got involved with the whole jenny having sex...and he got jeolous!! cause he told her not to do it...

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

I don't need a guy to make me feel fulfilled, especially when he's unavailable.


You could fix this. Chuck would never have to know.


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