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Chuck and Blair are still reeling from last week and the awful situation he put her in, and wants forgiveness for. He says they're inevitable, and he may be right. But ...

It's not that simple, of course. They still dispute who’s at fault for what happened with Jack, and his plot to throw Dorota a lavish wedding to win her over may not fly.

Vanya and Dorota happily wed, with Chuck and Blair as the "happy couple" that the ceremony requires participate. But after, B tells C she can't be with him anymore.

She just loves him too much.

Meanwhile, Jenny is doing all she can to break up Nate and Serena, and Serena is not helping her own cause by secretly meeting up with none other than Carter Baizen.

Nate catches them sneaking around and S lies. Later, S explains to Nate that Carter knows something about her dad, and after distrustful Nate tells her not to see him.

At Dorota’s wedding, Carter shows up and tells Serena that he knows where her dad is and has been this whole time: Palm Beach, Florida. He also bought her a ticket.

When Serena learns he held out on that info for a week just to have an excuse to see her, she goes to Florida solo, though, and calls Nate to tell him she loves him.

Jenny answers the phone and S asks Jenny to please have Nate call her, and to relay that message. Yeah. No way that's gonna happen there, S. What is J's deal?

Eric and his new crush, Elliot, are also featured this week. E learns has a girlfriend, but is actually bisexual ... with a crush on Eric. Hopefully that works out for E!

Finally, Rufus can't get a hold of his wife and CeCe won’t tell him where Lily is either, despite her claims of going to Canyon Ranch. Rufus remains clueless at the end.

The final scene? Serena knocks on the door to what we assume is her father’s hotel in Florida, and Lily answers, wearing nothing but a robe. Wow. Amazing stuff.

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WTF? Chuck was pimping her out on the last episode and now they're kissin? i mean i love chair dont get me wrong but seriously? she should make him work for it! but i still hope they get back together, just not soo soon! hopefully that kissing scene was chucks dream or somethin... and jenny is a annoying arrogant Bi*ch! they should kill her off! serena is a whore! he liked carter, then she moved on 2 nate, now carters back and shes sneeking off 2 c him? Dan and venessa r in a CRATER! not a rut a Fu*king CRATER! they're gonna crash and burn soon, they're practically siblings! well except for the sex but other then that, she could have been his sister! And carter, Serena promised 2 wait for him didnt she? (i dont remeber exactly wat happend that episode) but how could she resist when nate came along? oh and: YAY DOROTA AND VANYA!


Serena and nate are 4 keeps but jenny is sooooooo going to change all of that . I rely liked jenny from the first series but now im not to sure she needs to keep out of serena and nate's relationship and find a man who is SINGLE...... GOD............ Serena and nate are so cuteee but then again so are (serena and DAN ) ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. !!!!!!!!£££?????'''.Im sooo happy coz CARter id bk.AHHHHHHHHHH. omg i love him. He is going to cause so much trouble betweeeeeen Serena and nate.WooooooooW


OMG i love gossip girl.xxx.OHHHHHHHHHHHH poor chuck and blair they were so good together BUT finally some real action/drama !!!!!!!


i never really liked jeeny in the first 2 seasons but now shes like the only one who does anything intersting . i dont think nate and serena will last all they do is have sex ova..and..ova...etc they dont really talk except when he calls her a whore btw was funny as.
dan and vanessa wont work there only friends with benifits...by the looks of things by the end of the season every1 will be broken up...LOL ;P


i have always loved chair from the beginning. untill this trailer i have wanted them to always be together but now im not sure. what chuck did was awful and blair shouldnt just take him back! Nates right he deserves to be alone for that... :/


C H U C K & B L A i R F O R L i F E ! ! ! (:


Aww.....Dorota and Vanya!! (: THATS AWESOME! And she's pregnant!!! AAAAAWWWWWWW!!!! Man . . . . But Serena and Carter Baizin again??? WwwwhhhaaattttThhhhaaaaBbbeeepppp????! Aaaahhh....i Hate Him =/


Okay so I love C&B and I am seriously glad that something dramatic happened. It is extremely bittersweet, but it had to happen in my opinion. Yes it was sick, but it showed that the old Chuck is still there! FINALLY! The games are back which everyone loves about Chuck and Blair. We all know she is not going to forgive him and will make him work for it! Anyways now to the whole Serena-Nate-Jenny love triangle. Its not that bad it causes drama which is Gossip Girl so stop complaining and watch the show because if everyone was happy and there was no drama Gossip Girl would suck! If you don't like the drama and the changes then watch something else!


awww i love dorotaa and vanyaa! and i get mad everytime i see someone say something bad about chuck and blair (only seen one)then i just think about the 99.9 percent made up of CHAIR FANSS! then im back to happy again!!


i wishh that wouldd happen, i lovee thatt plot :)

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Dorota's family. She practically raised Blair!


Blair: [to Chuck] I don't like who I've become with you.
Chuck: Wait, Blair, don't bail on me, we have to see this through to the end.

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 18 Music

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Midnighter Midnighter The Champs iTunes
Song Full Moon Kiss Santina
The sound The Sound Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson iTunes