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  • Serena and Dan spend time together as they make plans to get back together. Dan has an ulterior motive - he is writing a Serena chapter!
  • Bart and Chuck fight to get the evidence from Ivy. Rufus sees her kissing someone else and steals the microfilm and returns it to Lily who burns it.
  • Blair has a pop up show for her junior line which is a huge success. 
  • Ivy has been dating and plotting with William to ruin Lily.
  • Chuck tells Blair they can’t be together...again.
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can't wait to watch it!


I can´t wait to see how everything end. It is so exciting. I love Chair, they r sooooooooo sweet and cute, moi !!!

The observer q

Ffs get your facts straight before you publish something TV Fanatic


It would really help if you had the dates right TV Fanatic. November 19th is a Monday. Episode 7 is still about 4 episodes away from now(well considering #3 will air on Monday). Can you please make sure the date's right so you don't give people a false hope that they'll make an exception and air it tomorrow night?


TV Fanatic why you mistakenly announced that episode 7x06 - Save the last chance, will be broadcast on 19th October? The series is broadcast on Mondays, and now it's only two episodes aired. I think you made a mistake in the date, there should be 19th November on Monday!


What? GG is coming on tomorrow night?