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  • Serena and Dan spend time together as they make plans to get back together. Dan has an ulterior motive - he is writing a Serena chapter!
  • Bart and Chuck fight to get the evidence from Ivy. Rufus sees her kissing someone else and steals the microfilm and returns it to Lily who burns it.
  • Blair has a pop up show for her junior line which is a huge success. 
  • Ivy has been dating and plotting with William to ruin Lily.
  • Chuck tells Blair they can’t be together...again.
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can't wait to watch it!


I can´t wait to see how everything end. It is so exciting. I love Chair, they r sooooooooo sweet and cute, moi !!!


Ffs get your facts straight before you publish something TV Fanatic


It would really help if you had the dates right TV Fanatic. November 19th is a Monday. Episode 7 is still about 4 episodes away from now(well considering #3 will air on Monday). Can you please make sure the date's right so you don't give people a false hope that they'll make an exception and air it tomorrow night?


TV Fanatic why you mistakenly announced that episode 7x06 - Save the last chance, will be broadcast on 19th October? The series is broadcast on Mondays, and now it's only two episodes aired. I think you made a mistake in the date, there should be 19th November on Monday!


What? GG is coming on tomorrow night?