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The latest episode of Greek, titled "The Tortoise & The Hair" focuses on the Cartwrights and their allegorical struggles to get ahead in their careers. Casey contemplates a career in politics, while Rusty deals with an advisor looking to settle an old score. Check out our complete review and link to the full recap and quotes from this episode.
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In this week's episode of Greek, called "Take Me Out," there is all-Greek softball tournament where the ZBZ girls pair up with the Omega Chis. Check out our review of the episode, complete recap, and all of our favorite quotes!
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In "Pride & Punishment," Rusty learns he's been a jerky nerd, tensions rise between former flames and friends, and Casey comes clean about the fire. Read our review, complete recap, and favorite quotes from the episode.
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The season finale is here! In the final episode, called "Friend or Foe," some relationships are mended and some are potentially destroyed forever.
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Greek Quotes

Rebecca: You are not a ZBZ, you are definitely not our rent boy. They're never gonna see you like that. You're basically one of the girls, except we're pretty and thin.
Dale: You did not just call me fat.
Rebecca: Oh yes I did.
Dale: Well you know what? I can diet, but you will always be ugly on the inside.

I do not go to the gym five times a week for my health!