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Derek and Callie teamed up for a brain-mapping project. Meanwhile, Richard proposed that his physical condition be used as a learning tool.

Elsewhere, Meredith contemplates continuing her mom's research. Moreover, feelings of guilt about Heather's death plagued Shane.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Meredith: You make me sound like a soft drink.
Callie: Yeah, I'm reinvesting in myself.

Jo: I need an ultrasound.
Meredith: Are you pregnant? Does Alex know?

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 6 Music

  Song Artist
Holy-ghost-changing-of-the-guard Changing Of The Guard Holy Ghost! iTunes
Song Everybody Get Up Chops
Left-hand-smoke-look-what-youve-become Look What You've Become Left Hand Smoke iTunes
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