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The episode begins with a seemless transition from last season's finale. Meredith tries to work with Addison "Shepherd" while George is dubbed the hospital's gossip rat. You know, the one whose job it is to report everything he learns about the new triangle forming between Derek, his WIFE and Meredith.

Meredith and Cristina talk over drinks about their experiences dating higher-ups in the hospital. Cristina tells Meredith that she is pregnant, but does not say who the father is, though Meredith later finds out that Preston is the father. While at the bar, Joe the bartender collapses.

While recovering from surgery, Richard asks George to be his eyes and ears, reporting anything he observes or hears. Preston is tapped as acting chief of surgery because of his integrity, which leads to him to break off his relationship with Cristina.

Meanwhile, Izzie and Alex's bond grows closer as he shows a more emotional side.

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Katie...The episode that came after Mark showed up and Derek punched him. Season 2, Disc 6, Episode 19....I think???? Jel


urm...this is still season 1 you know, not season 2!


uhh... before you go calling them an idiot for spelling supposed wrong, you might want to check your own spelling... last I checked there was a "p" in "spelling".


And "supposed" is spelled with a "u." If you're going to criticize someone's selling, you should really make sure yours is correct, idiot.


You spelt falling wrong, there is sopposed to only be one "i"! :P


what episode is it that addiso gets poison ivy?