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In part one of a Grey's Anatomy / Private Practice crossover, Derek's working on Tom Kates, Seattle's star pro quarterback who suffered head and neck trauma after an ugly hit he took on the field.

It turns out he's got a concussion and needs to have his spleen removed, which will bench him until next season. He lights up when he sees his wife and baby son.

Then he has a panic attack when Derek talks about him playing again. He confesses he doesn't want to play any more. He used to be able to fight through his fear, but now that he's a father he realizes what the game can do to him.

But he's two years into his pro career - he can't quit now.

Derek and Callie take a look at Tom's knees, which are legitimately shot, and Derek realizes that they've found a way out for him - a knee replacement surgery that would effectively end his career and would not make it look like he walked away.

Alex and Reed (who's messing with Alex and seems to have led him and others to believe she'd trade sex for surgeries) assist, and Callie reminds them that it's not a game, it's the man's career.

In the midst of this, Derek sniffs out a problem with the Chief. He's helping Bailey with the follow-up on the gall bladder patient whose surgery the Chief messed up a couple of months ago, and Derek picks up on the fact that a mistake was made.

The Chief hasn't been in surgery since.

He basically bullies the Chief into taking Tom's spleen surgery, then confronts Bailey with his suspicions when he doesn't show up. Meanwhile, the Chief, in his role as mentor to Meredith, has been watching old films of her mother's surgeries with her.

Meredith ultimately confesses to Derek that the Chief's drinking again.

Elsewhere, Teddy hands Cristina a solo cardiac surgery - replacing a patient's valve with a mechanical one.

Cristina spends all day preparing for it, and Teddy steps aside to let her learn on her own. The patient can't decide what valve she wants, so Cristina brings them both for her to try to get a feel for.

She finally decides on the porcine (pig) valve, and Cristina's rocking the house in surgery with Teddy looking on. Then things go incredibly bad. The patient is out of control, Cristina doesn't know what to do, and Teddy won't step in.

A worried Owen runs in to the OR to try to get Teddy to help, until Cristina throws him out. Then she figures out what to do, and she's fine. It worked!

After the surgery, Owen confronts Teddy, who swears she wouldn't have let the patient die, but correctly says that Cristina needs to be pushed.

Owen asks if Teddy didn't step in because of the situation between them. Owen goes to find Cristina, who's abolutely thrilled that she got to learn and fly on her own in the surgery.

And he crushes her a little by telling her Teddy's leaving Seattle. Cristina chases after Teddy and offered her anything she wanted to get her to stay - and agreed without hesitation to give up Owen to make it happen.

Finally, Mark's daughter, Sloan, is still living with him and Lexie, and he's embraced his role as a father, which is driving Lexie crazy.

More importantly, there's also a problem with her baby - a couple of pieces of amniotic tissue are threatening the tiny boy's limbs as they develop.

Get me Addison Montgomery, he says!

Understandably, younger Sloan knows she's ill-equipped to deal with raising a special-needs baby. But when Addison operates, she discovers an AVM (a tangle of blood vessels) that she's confident she can work around, but Mark shuts down the surgery, saying it's too dangerous.

His interference leads directly to two developments: First, he tells Sloan, without asking Lexie first, that he wants her to live with them and they'll help her raise the baby. Second, he takes Sloan to Los Angeles so Addison can operate.

Lexie tells Mark their relationship just ended, and goes back to Meredith's house, where she hooks up with Alex, who's there because he had to get out of the trailer.

Continued on the ensuing Private Practice episode "Another Second Chance" ...

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My sister and I live for the crossovers between Grey's and Private Practice. You get the best of both worlds! Dissapointed it's not one tonight!!!


Everything sounds great, I just wanted to inform you that you are still using the year 2009 for this January 14th date. Thanks much!


So, I've been a fan of Grey's Anatomy since the 2nd season and it seems as though the story line has been on a down spiral since Isaiah Washington got fired! Anyways, i guess ppl got over that n then the producer decided to kill off george and isobel! thats really dumb! Now the show keeps getting boring by the episode. I personally do not think Grey's Anatomy has a future on TV past this season or max another season cos of all these stupid changes.... The producers should really talk to the fans to know what they want to see instead of making up cock and bull storylines and trying to merge private practice with it! Dont even get me started with private practice... I mean i like the cast (Taye Diggs !!!) but the storyline sucks a**... Anyways, i really dont care for private practice cos i dont watch it... My beef is only with Grey's Anatomy!! Bottom line, bring back the Grey's Anatomy we used to have from 3 seasons ago where the stories were captivating and more interesting with more hot guys like Isaiah Washington.... Thats all...


After watching the last episode of Grey's for 2009 I was not impressed with the speed to which they jammed all the typical holiday celebrations into one episode. What was that about? Grey's has good writing so I know they probably were not short for stories. I really dislike Jessica Capshaw's character..if we get her gone I wouldn't feel sad at all. And what is the deal with all the new people from "Mercy West"?? None are particularly appealing surely they could have cast actors with a little more substance.
One final comment to the writers...please write more humourous story is getting a little depressing.


Bring Washington back ASAP


Fan: I love grey"s but the story line crossing over back and forth to the same story line as we've seen over and over..just frustrastes me to no end...are we ever going into a series of the show or has grey's just decided to drop the face of the earth?? I just got so upset when it wasn't even on before new years as I was looking forward to seeing a show on that thursday and it wasn't on dec. 30th. wow, so tell us all , are we going to even see a series show are we going to be disappointed and not see it on this year at all??? need to know now...thanks.


I want Isobel to come back. She is the best character of Grey's Anatomy.


im a huge Grey's fan and this season is just a bust for me. i miss the old story lines where there was a lot of action and drama, lately the episodes have been dampering and not very exciting. we need more action like from previous seasons!


i can't wait! i'm a FAN! uber :)


is season six over? when does the next episode come on?

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Ask any physician and they can point to the one moment they became a surgeon.


I'm a surgeon and I'm looking at a time bomb in a uterus. Shut it down now, Addison!