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Meredith, who is now on fertility drugs, volunteers to help run the ER for a night. Teddy has to leave her date and Henry in the waiting room together while she performs an emergency heart surgery with Meredith.  They end up losing the patient, and Teddy chooses her date over Henry.

Alex comes in on his night off to sign charts and ends up spending time bonding with Dr. Fields. He also helps a pediatric patient get the surgery he needs, which impresses Dr. Fields.

Nurse Eli asks Bailey to have sex in a hospital room. She agrees, and Derek catches them.

A drunk man walks into the ER with a knife sticking out of his head. The patient’s friend pulls the knife out with, miraculously, no lasting damage to the patient.

Lexie treats a patient and misses his stroke symptoms, but Meredith catches the mistake just in time. Lexie agrees to go on a date with Avery at the end of the episode.

Adele Webber comes into the ER. After Adele is treated, Meredith and the Chief get into an argument when Meredith says that she’s worried about Adele’s memory problems.

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