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  • Richard performs his 10,000th surgery, a liver transplant between sisters.
  • Derek and Lexie attempt to operate on a kid with an inoperable tumor, which they are not able to do.
  • Adele shows up at the hospital, lost in her Alzheimer’s. She believes Richard left her for Ellis and he sings to her during his surgery.
  • Mark’s new girlfriend tells him I love you, he doesn’t respond. 
  • Derek and Mer host a party for Zola. At the party, Cristina and Owen get into a huge argument that everyone overhears. 
  • Jackson, Alex, and April make plans to move out of the house.
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The Chief is doing Alex a favor. Alex has a history of giving himself away to other people. He's had flashes of being able to stand up for himself and we know that he can stand up for patients. He's got to realize that he deserves all these favors that he keeps doing for other people.