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A lion breaks loose in Seattle, leaving a couple's lives and relationship at risk; Lexie overhears Mark's discussion about moving in with Julia; Teddy begins to take steps towards coming to terms with Henry's death; Callie grills Arizona on her past lovers; and Alex requests to be taken off Morgan's preemie case when she becomes too dependent on him. Meanwhile, Meredith tries to be a support for Cristina as the tension between her and Owen hits a boiling point.

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I agree with Maggie. I'm tired of the constant breaks. Maybe I'll just find another show.


are you people nuts? Owen and Teddy, maybe long ago. but now? She told him she hated him and wished him dead. he did not sleep with teddy, move on!!!


Yo creo que estos ahora los capítulos tardan más para que coja el ritmo en España.


Am disappointed we have to wait again for the next episode.Other shows don't have these breaks. And what is the mystery surrounding the resigning of the original cast? Either they're returning for Season 9 or not. Shonda should work for the Secret Service.


Callie grills Arizona about past lovers!? Do we finally get some background info about Arizona? Preview of this show has me intrigued!


Christina deserves so MUCH better! Owen am so disappointed.Just dying to know who you he had the affair wid tho.It would be so crazy if it was teddy.What the hell is mark doing moving in with julia?He should fooling himself and go back to his obvious soul-mate lexy.Love you mer and der.alex needs to get laid.Avery way to go and she's british too.cant wait to see the next episode


Dont really know what´s going to happend but so far i´m loving the title of this ep! Hate it that it wont air until what it feels like a year from now! NEED to know christina´s reaction to owen´s cheating! Cant wait!


I love Owen! I know some said that they hated him, but I just love him and I hope he does not leave the show! With that said, I do love Christina too! But I'm not going to be mad at Owen(or dislike his character) because he so desperately wants to be a father.


OMG PEOPLE!!!! Shonda said herself that she isn't the one who gets to dicide when the show airs!! It's ABC's fault, they do this because they need to "keep airing the show until may!" Btw, this must be the episode with the lion! Haha, Dempsey shared some photo's on twitter! Yeahhhh Oh,and PLEASE let them get rid of Owen, I've hated him since the first time I saw him on episode 5x01 en 5x02 !! Christina deserves so MUCH better! And I want the real chief back (Richard!)


Okay this is getting ridiculous every week there's a hiatus for a month or two weeks not fair!

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 18 Quotes

I was staring at Simba.


We have a phrase in the operating room. Don't pet the lion. It means no matter how nice a tumor looks, how small it is, how perfect it's margins may be, it's still a tumor. It's still dangerous and it can bite.