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Three months after the plane crash, Grey’s Anatomy returned. 

  • Cristina is in Minnesota working.
  • Alex has plans to leave for the Hopkins program. He meets the new peds attending and decides to stay.
  • Derek is cleared for surgery but his hand goes numb while operating. 
  • Sloan has been in a coma for 30 days. His wish was to be taken off extreme life measures if there was no change in 30 days. The plug is pulled and Callie and Derek stay at his side until he passes.
  • Meredith and Cristina try to fly to see each other but neither are able to do it. 
  • Owen goes to see April and asks her to come back and work at the hospital.
  • Arizona lost her leg after the plane crash.
  • A new set of interns start at SGH. They are afraid of Meredith and call her Medusa.
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How ridiculous to write that the entire staff at they MAYO CLINIC are imbeciles. World famous facility people.


thanks...good point!


That was such a let down. After all the drama of the season finale, they could have tried to come near it with the first episode. But instead it was slow paced and dull.


worst episode ever... After killing everyone they should at least let arizona back properly. I have been watching the show for 9 years and they have no right to end our journey like this...


Ok, i know it is a drama serie but it is turning in something very depressing. i mean, it feels like meredith grey is cursed or something because every family member she start to care about dies!!!! (the real mum, the fake mum, the sister,...) and also too many big disaster (the plane-crash, the serial killer, the ferry- crash,...) I liked it much when the drama was about the characters personal live troubles. They are always in need of THERAPY!
Anyway, I appreciate that arizona was not killed and i am waiting to see how the season evolves!!!!
I m hooked on them!!!


@anne We don't know that he went into the coma immediately after the plane crash and from the looks of the promo for the next episode he was conscious in the hospital. Basically, the 30 days didn't start til 2 months after the crash.


I love this show even though it makes me cry...dammit! But can anyone explain something to me. This episode is supposed to be 3 months after the accident. Mark Sloan is on life support because 'his living will clearly stated to keep him alive for 30 days.' The episode is focused on 'especially today' because they have to stop life support. So how do the 2 line up? Thanks!


@ Noblelox, I could not have said it better myself, kudos!
I am so sick of the angry mob of so called "fans" who have supposedly watched the show since "day one" and yet they can't handle this one episode.


Ok so the premiere was good but I was extremely disappointed in Arizona! Seriously she is pissed that she lost her leg, not that Lexi died, not that her daughter's dad and wife's best friend died. I was disgusted! She is lucky to be alive because guess what?? Others were not so lucky! Get a prosthetic leg and physio and live your life! Quit being selfish and wallowing in your own self pity!


I absolutely love this show.. it probably will be Sloan to leave, that last episode had me crying for the longest time. There is not a show one bit better than Grey's Anatomy.. I LOVE IT!!!

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

The world keeps going without you.


Dying changes everything. There is the emotional fall out, sure. But there's also the practical stuff. Who's going to do your job? Who's going to take care of your family?

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