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  • Catherine Avery comes to town to help Richard on a complicated surgery. Jackson is not a fan of the situation and has a conversation with Webber about it.
  • Meredith works on a complicated tumor but is afraid to tell Derek about it since he is not able to operate.
  • Arizona gets fitted for her first prosthetic. 
  • Jackson and April continue to sleep together.
  • Cristina slept with her Chief. She finds out that they are trying to push Dr. Thomas out so she works with him to use a more modern method to keep him on board. The two get drinks after work.
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Cristina and Dr. Thomas...going anywhere?


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full episode here == click here now


I love this show. If someone has all the seasons I want to buy them on dvd. Contact me

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Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Meredith: This is a cry for help.
Cristina: No, this is a cry for an orgasm.

The clothes a surgeon wears help to present an image. The lab coats and badges and scrubs all work together to indicate a person of authority, someone you can trust. When the clothes come off, that's a different story. We're sensitive, lonely, human.

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