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  • Meredith works with Bailey and Ross on a liver transplant which requires her flying.
  • Derek operates again.
  • Arizona deals with Phantom Limb Syndrome but gets through with Owen’s help.
  • A financial advisor named Alana comes to SGH to help find ways to cut costs. She wants to cut the ER. She is a former student of Richards. 
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Thanks a bunch for the answer!!!! I was driving me and my mom nuts.


the pregnant liver transplant's partner us Navi Rawat from the OC and Numb3rs... YOU'RE WELCOME!


Who played the pregnant liver transplant's partner?


is a matt hires song going to be played on tonights episode. if so, which song.. thank you


I totally am not liking the 'hints' for next week's episode. Meredith's worst fear isn't flying. Her worst fear is getting Early Onset Alzheimer's. I ...will stop watching the show entirely if that's what it is.


I think Dr. Cahill Will be the new Chief of Surgery. Owen will go back to his old job. Mer is affraid to fly so I think that's her worst fear she will have to for some reason or something happens with Zola. The dr.'s may not get their money if an appeal is filed. I know I had a large case and as soon as the judgement was made the other side stood up and appealed. So they will most likely take a lot lower settlement.


This is the episode where Constance Zimmer as Dr Cahill will make her first appearance but we will hear her and not see her. I am sure she will be doing something to help Arizona. There is definitely some connection there.

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Don't be sorry, be better!


Put on your big girl pants, you're about to learn how to run the pit.


Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
Lord huron time to run Time To Run Lord Huron iTunes
Future of forestry someone Someone Future Of Forestry iTunes
Song Forever Matt Hires
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