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The episode opened where we left off last week with Harry and her team preparing to go to court for Eric Sanders and prepping his daughter Bethany.

The team headed to the court, where Harry explained to the judge about the information that Roseanna had not given to the defense team. The judge doesn’t dismiss the case but warns Roseanna that anymore misconduct would not go well.

During the trial Harry has Bethany testify where Roseanna conveniently manages to get her to admit her mother (Ellen) was going to tell Eric she wanted a divorce the night she died. This bombshell rattles Harry and her team as Bethany had not mentioned this information and Eric stated he knew nothing of it.

Back in court Harry manages to uncover that the Ellen’s closest friend and boss was actually her lover. Once revealed the lover explained that she was not going to divorce Eric, she was leaving her.  

Harry then began to interview the house keeper who changed her story from what she had told the team prior to trial. After some prodding the housekeeper admits that Roseanna threatened to deport her family if her testimony wasn’t “correct”. 

This revelation angers the Judge to the point that he dismisses the case against Eric for misconduct and told Roseanna that he would be making sure she lost her license to practice law. 

Back at the office Harry put all the pieces together and figured out that Bethany had been playing both sides and had access to have committed the murder. 

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Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Clerk: All rise!
Harry: Why do I feel like we should all be wearing helmets?

Adam: [mumbles] Somebody's tense
Harry: Excuse me?