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Lemon returns to her devious ways to get rid of Shelby when it backfires and it turns out Shelby has good intentions. Brick asks Shelby to move in and the Breeland girls think it's okay. Zoe deals with her breakup with Wade with sympathy from the whole town and pies. She tries to hate Wade but figures out that moving on and forgetting about him is the better option. Zoe also convinces Rose that her boyfriend Max is cheating on her with Tonya because they both had strep throat. They were not cheating causing Rose to be mad at Zoe.

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I am losing interest thought Zoey and Wade were great, don't like the break up and how it was written and I don't want to see her with George. I was plan old bored with tonight's episode and don't see myself tuning in next week, oh well

Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

So Max is a frog?


This better not effect my Rav-4!!